> 2007 How Do You SunBody Contest

I thought I would drop you a note about what we do with your SunBody hats and the slight modifications we have had to make.

A group of us fish the Central Texas Coast on a relatively remote and non-populated barrier island. Everything is generator operated and shade is hard to come by. I regret that I do not have a “group hat” picture but thought you may enjoy seeing pictures of your hats in action as we fish the surf, back bays, play bocce ball, pose for trophy photos or while we partake in the ever present quest to stay hydrated.

Your hats are light, cool and functional in the hot Texas sun and serve us greatly. However, you will notice that dingle berries have been added to the brims of most of the hats. This action generally occurs if you have been slightly over served and neglected to care for your hat appropriately. Thank you for the hats they are great for anything you do out of doors from mowing the lawn to coaching little league.

C. Stallings

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