> 2007 How Do You SunBody Contest

I wear my hat everywhere in AZ. And, I get a lot of looks and stares and people walking up to me saying its the coolest hat they've ever seen. I tell everyone about Sunbody. I'm an unofficial spokesperson for you.

I wear my hat to every Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers concert...17 so far. Roger wears one just like my hat...that's where I got the idea. He's even worn my hat on stage three times in concerts! You know the cartoon "King of the Hill?" Hw wrote the theme song to the intro.

Anyway...just wanted to drop a line to tell you how cool your hats are...and you're right...just add water to reshape them, they last and last and wear and wear...and everyone likes to wear my Sunbody hat. I read every email that comes from you folks, just to see what you've come up with lately.

Great hat selection!

M. Hollowell

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