> 2007 How Do You SunBody Contest

We have been buying Sunbody Hats for our boys for 7 years and have found that they are the longest lasting hats around for kids. The re-shapeable quality is a major bonus as kids are very rough on hats. Along with my kids my husband also wears one of your Sunbody Hats and enjoys it just as much as the kids do.

The pictures are of my sons Brody age 7 and Rawley age 4 1/2. These boys are true cowboys who live on a small ranch in Swan Valley, Idaho. There isn't a day that these two boys don't wear their Sunbody hats. We usually get one summer out of the hat so we are regular customers to your company.

One of our best memories of the Sunbody Hat is our youngest boy pretty much never takes it off. He wears it all day only taking it off to eat and shower. In the morning he comes down stairs in his PJ's and his hat it has truly become part of his daily attire. He is on his second hat this year already just because he wears them so much.

Have a great day
K. Johnson

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