> 2007 How Do You SunBody Contest

Spokane, Washington

Lane will be wearing SunBody Hats always in the summer, his Grandfather a
Horse Trainer, likes them better than all others. His reasoning is, they
stay on one's head when riding outside in the wind better than all other
brands of straw hats.

SunBody hats should be the only straw hats that Reining Horse competitors wear,
when wearing other brands of straw hats you can notice the person wearing them is always trying to keep their hat on by, lowering their chin, which on a reining horse
is not good, the reason is; "If the rider has his/her head looking down, the horse will not stop or slide correctly." Anyone that has ever had a horse stop on the front end,
knows the jarring affect it has on one's body, its not fun. Failing to hold one's head
up can cause ugly bad stops.

Our outdoor arena is windy about everyday, its most aggravating trying to
ride & train a horse, if the wind is trying to blow your hat off. SunBody
Hats have removed the frustration of our hats bugging us in the wind, we can
ride and be assured we will have to try and hold our Sundbody Hat on.

A proud Gramma, Dee Biegler

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