> 2007 How Do You SunBody Contest

I am one of the best fans of SunBody hats. I bought my first one when it wasn't cool to wear a SunBody hat. Now I see them everywhere. I have also bought them for other people and I have told others about them and they have bought for themselves. Right now I wear two SunBody hats. Not at the same time, of course. One, is a fedora that I wear when I play golf and the other is a six inch 5 1/2"brim, gus style, which I wear when I do my ranch work

But the picture I am forwarding to you contains my two grandsons wearing their Sundbody hats. We were out riding the horses one day and the oldest said "Grandad, I want a hay ride." A hayride was his grandad pulling him atop a couples of bales of hay setting in a hand pulled hay cart. Well, the youngest also wanted to ride and this made Brett very angry. In fact, he began to cry becasue he did not want Alex on the cart with him Of course, as you can see Alex was as happy as a lark. These little guys are great guys but the sibling rivalry is tremendous.

N. Dennis

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